Turn off the chaos, take a trip, tune into yourself.

When was the last time you gave yourself a place to breathe and space to think? Hunting is perfect for that. We’re so good at filling every waking moment of every day with demands. We own multiple devices that are always on and never out of arm’s reach. On average, we get over 100 emails a day and devote over 7 hours a day to screen time, but we only spend about 18 minutes “relaxing and thinking.”

How can you have any headspace if you don’t cut yourself free once in a while? Hunting and fishing is almost never quick. You’ll likely prepare, track and sit for hours before you get a chance to take a shot. The time spent alone in nature is great for reflection and gives your mind the space it wants and needs. You’ll come back feeling clear, calm and connected.

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The Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports has partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation® to design and develop the Hunt For Good campaign. Their collaboration is the result of decades of leadership in the world of hunting and conservation and a shared vision to introduce more hunters and shooters to a cherished American past-time with far-reaching benefits.

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