The hunting path leads back to humanity.

Many would say we are overly dependent on technology and modern conveniences, tethered to a digital and virtual world that imperils our connection to humanity. Hunting could be key to keeping that connection alive.

Cultural historian Paula Young Lee takes a philosophical approach, suggesting that humans are now largely “hybrids of flesh and technology, glowing with artificial enlightenment” that urges the pursuit of a civilized utopia built upon neurotic desires and economic excess. Hunting, by contrast, occurs in a wilderness that civilization has mostly left alone, where hunters “protect a living reality from becoming one more ersatz, purchased experience.”

Lee adds that placing all our faith in technology forfeits who we are and the wilderness that spawned us. “As some clever cyborgs chase utopia, still other humans insist on living with nature. As long as a few hybrids hunt, something of that human nature will survive, too.”

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The Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports has partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation® to design and develop the Hunt For Good campaign. Their collaboration is the result of decades of leadership in the world of hunting and conservation and a shared vision to introduce more hunters and shooters to a cherished American past-time with far-reaching benefits.

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