Rediscovering the hunter within us.

We are all descended from hunters. It’s part of our rich heritage. But after generations of easy-to-access food, our ability to survive by tracking and hunting wild game is fading. Learning the skills to hunt can reconnect you with your ancestors and link us all back to nature.

Amherst College professor Jan Dizard says that “our capacity to create cultures with rituals, norms and ethical restraints makes us distinct from the other creatures with whom we share the planet, but to deny that part of us that is wild is to deny what it is to be fully human.”

Hunt for the link to the generations before you. Hunt for the link to the pioneers, settlers and frontiersmen of North America. Hunt for the link to something timeless that’s inside you.

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The Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports has partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation® to design and develop the Hunt For Good campaign. Their collaboration is the result of decades of leadership in the world of hunting and conservation and a shared vision to introduce more hunters and shooters to a cherished American past-time with far-reaching benefits.

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