Bow hunting draws you back to our ancestors.

Some hunters don’t use rifles. And not because they don’t like guns — they simply enjoy the challenge of hunting with a bow. Both the rifle and compound bow are highly capable tools, and there is overlap in what they can do, but bow hunting is vastly different in many ways.

Some say the bow has greater historical significance than any firearm — for hunting and humanity as a whole. It harkens back to the experience of early hunters. Quietly stalking game to a firing distance much closer than a rifle is itself a thrill. Feeling your heart pound and trying to control your breathing while you steady your shot is a challenge unlike any other.

Pros of Bow Hunting:

  • Longer hunting seasons, on average.
  • Earlier and later seasons than gun hunting.
  • Don’t need a lot of room to practice.
  • It’s much more quiet, meaning it’s safer for your ears and won’t scare off every animal within earshot.
  • Special access to hunting units in some states since the effective range of a bow is smaller than a gun’s.

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